I don’t define a lifehack as a shortcut or “good idea”, but as when you productively use a tool for a task that it wasn’t intended to perform.

For example:

  • When you are at a picnic or the beach use a shoe as a drink holder
  • Use a latte spoon to dispense and spread mayonnaise from the jar
  • Use an empty complementary shampoo bottle from a hotel as a razor holder in the shower
  • Use a boot bag in the car boot to organise your emergency rain coats
  • Depending on your type of car, Vegemite jars can make excellent change holders for parking (use a Sharpie to write the currency on the lid)
  • Use the postal service as a substitute for a bag (i.e. if you don’t want to bring the book/papers you were reading on a journey back with you, put them in a prepaid envelope and spend the rest of the evening with nothing to carry)

Don’t forget though, habits > hacks.