Making videos

If an economics instructor requires students to submit work using PowerPoint, they can reasonably expect that those students will either possess the skillset required to do so, or recognise the need to develop it. And student’s wouldn’t feel that the choice of format is a source of disadvantage.

In a few years time the same will apply to the creation of a video. This page is a collection of resources to help novices create simple content.

  • Your smart phone – the most obvious route is to use the video feature on a standard smartphone. Here’s an example. This can be done in a single shot without any additional resources. Here are some tips.
  • Adobe Spark – simple to use software that allows you to use a blend of photos and icons with narration. Here’s an example.
  • ScreenCast – software that captures your powerpoint presentation, records your voice, and uses your webcam to provide a more personal touch
  • I use Camtasia to narrate over a PowerPoint screen record. Here’s an example. It also allows relatively easy editing but it’s not cheap and I’m sure there’s plenty of other options. See Tom’s Guide for some.

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