I used to write a weekly column for City AM and have published a number of opinion editorials, most regularly for The Guardian and Reuters.

Opinion editorials

The time is right for sound money” Conservative Home, January 11th 2016

Ekonomiju ne treba promatrati isključivo kroz prizmu BDP-a” Poslovni dnevik, January 31st 2013

Makro pokazatelji kao viktorijanski kupaći kostimi” Lider, Feb 27th 2012

Forward thinking” Money Marketing, May 26th 2011

Three principles that should underpin the Budget“, The Spectator Coffee House Blog, March 22nd 2011

No sympathy for Ponzi SMEs” Business Review Europe, August 10th 2010

From one uncertainty to another” Reuters, June 18th 2010

How to thaw the economy” Reuters, March 16th 2010

Economic Insight” (.pdf), Business XL, 2010

Leader” (.pdf), Employee Engagement Today, Spring 2010

Has quantitative easing paid off?” Guardian Unlimited, February 16th 2010

The end of free email” Guardian Unlimited, January 23rd 2010

Politicians should allow a business-led recovery” Reuters, December 1st 2009

Don’t regulate banking – liberalise it” Guardian Unlimited, September 14th 2009

No need to panic about GDP” Guardian Unlimited, July 24th 2009

Why G20 leaders should leave well alone” FinanceWeek, April 2nd 2009

The unpalatable financial truth” Guardian Unlimited, March 22nd 2009

The semantics of printing money” Guardian Unlimited, March 7th 2009

The banks couldn’t contain dissent” Guardian Unlimited, February 14th 2009

The price of economic illiteracy” Guardian Unlimited, November 2nd 2008

Internet articles

Don’t conflate ‘neoliberalism’ with ‘neoclassical economics‘” Institute of Economic Affairs Blog (August 2015)

Forward guidance takes monetary policy even further down the wrong track“, Institute of Economic Affairs Blog (August 2013)

Monetarists’ blind spot on quantitative easing” Institute of Economic Affairs Blog (March 2011)

The Threat of QE2” Adam Smith Institute, November 2010

What Austrian business cycle theory does and does not claim as true” Institute of Economic Affairs Blog (May 2010)

Ostrom on institutions: complex solutions can spontaneously emerge” Institute of Economic Affairs Blog (Oct 2009)

Austrian economics vs Keynesianism and Kaletsky” Institute of Economic Affairs Blog (May 2009)

What Can We Learn From E-Stonia?“, Ideal Government (Oct 2005)

Petty Crime“, Ideal Government (Sep 2005)

Common Law Marriage“, Ideal Government (Apr 2005)

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